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Craniosacral Therapy Treatment Day for Maggie Gliksten Foundation Cork 

In Cork a date has been set for Friday 22nd of July in the Lymph Clinic, Cork.

Please spread the word to all who may be interested in treating children and also the children themselves. Students of CST also welcome. 


The Maggie Gliksten Foundation has been set up at the request of Maggie Gliksten to facilitate a continuation of the treatments she so wholeheartedly 
gave, primarily to the children of Enable Ireland.

Treatments were provided by Maggie initially in the hydrotherapy pool, and then progressed on to land where they received Cranioasacral Therapy (CST).

The purpose of the Foundation is to offer further craniosacral therapy sessions at regular intervals to children. These will be held a number of times throughout the year in Cork and Dublin. Both The Lymph Clinic (Cork) and The Elbow Room (Dublin)have kindly offered the use of their space for these days.

More details on how to book a child for a cst session will be available shortly.  Although there will be no specific charge a donation will be requested.