Manual Lymph Drainage

Manual Lymph Drainage 

Manual Lymph Drainage (MLD) Manual Lymph Drainage leg
- Is a gentle technique that stimulates the body’s own lymph system to reduce swelling and enhance wellbeing
- Is the system that removes toxins from around the body
- Is a combination of hands-on techniques, compression and bandaging. 
- Can work in combination with other therapies 

If you experience any of these MLD may ease your symptoms


Post-Surgical – joint replacements, bone fractures or abdominal areas, heart surgeries
Reduced Mobility can cause an increase in fluid retention
Lipedema MLD Face
After Liposuction or DVT (clot)
Facial effects – reduces fluid bags from under eyes eg: when jetlagged


Pregnancy challenges - Swelling during or after
Tension and headaches particularly from Sinusitis
Menopause – Swelling in lower limbs
Ill-Fitting Bra? This may be linked to poor posture and localised areas of swelling from straps 
Breast health – in general and for women with Breast cancer 
My Pink Ribbon Programme qualification provides me with the skills to offer a specific exercise regime, both individually and in a class setting, to women following breast cancer surgery.