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What you say!


    • I'm a fan of craniosacral treatment. As I have a long term back condition I have tried all kinds of treatments and I must say cranio is my favourite. It's a safe light touch treatment. The release of tension from the body is amazing. I don't think I will ever forget the first treatment I received from Fiona. My description will not justify the feeling I felt afterwards. I felt as if I had an altered state of consciousness. I could feel the pain seep out of my body. I slept for 12 hours after it and I could feel the continuous rewards of the treatment for days after the session. As well as a physical release of pain I also felt an emotional release, I personally feel that it's a treatment for the mind and the body, this for me enhanced my experience as I'm a firm believer that the mind is connected to the healing of the body. I would recommend a visit to Fiona to anyone with any type of back tension/pain.
      Bríd Lanphier.

    • I found craniosacral therapy a wonderful treatment both relaxing and gentle while also working very deep with the body, it has really helped me be more mindful of my posture in a general sense but also in my everyday activities"
      Pauline O'Brien Adare

    • I attend Fiona myself for horse riding injuries, and I find her very capable and professional. As she has a good understanding of posture, including for horse riders, I send some riders to her which I can see are sitting unbalanced or twisted in the saddle, or who are in pain. They all improved and feel better. Fiona also treats horses and she can see if there is a connection between how the rider’s body is on the horse and how it can show and influence the horse’s movements, imbalance or even lameness. I highly recommend Fiona.
      Sheila White

    • Fiona treated my horse with craniosacral therapy. She was very professional at all times the horse was the priority. My horse loved the treatment, was very relaxed throughout, and was like a new horse within a week! Highly recommend Fiona to anyone.
      Emma R

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